Color pop

Our good friends from college Robyn and Andy came down from Chicago to visit us for a few days. They are expecting their first child in July. They don’t get down our way very often; so, we thought it would be a good time to throw a little party with some of our old college friends sorta like The Big Chill but not. My neighbor and friend, Meredith of Au Courant Floral, helped me with a few flowers around the house. The idea I was going for was just fun polka dots and bright colors.

I’ve been wanting to try out thisĀ DIY tissue tassel garland. It has a pretty good tutorial. Once I got a few done, they went pretty quick; but, I recommend having a glass of wine while you make it. Oh and don’t get a manicure before you do this! My poor fingers looked like I worked in a glue factory.

So, I just used some vases I had and got a big assortment of colored tissue paper at Hobby Lobby. I used a circle die cutter to make the polka dots on the table and made tassels for garland to hang on the wall behind the food table.

After the party, I moved the garland to our office. It is so cute that I had to keep it around.

Wiley Cat even had a good time. He thought the kiddie pool was a kitty big water dish.