The Shed – Sketches

With the trees finally coming down (well, the tops of them at least for now), the shed project is finally actually beginning.  Last weekend, we had our old friends (Robyn and Andy, both architects) stay over.  When the talk got around to what projects we were working on, the topic of my shed/workshop came up.  Andy’s mind started racing and he sat down and started drafting up some concepts.

Oddly enough, his sketches were pretty much like the ones I had envisioned.  He put up a few different looks and we agreed that a basic shed roofline (single slope, single plane) made the most sense for this build.

So, we sat down for a brainstorming session on dimensions and how to best lay out the building in terms of orientation, lighting, and functional spaces.  The center of the structure would be shop space and a shed for storage.  The outer overhangs would function as a carport on one side and a lumber storage area on the other.  With that in mind, Andy started feverishly assembling a working model in SketchUp.  His pace was staggering.  Within a few minutes (and admittedly, one break for dinner… a man’s gotta eat ya know), a model was completed and we were ready to see just how functional the layout would be and begin our rough cost estimates.

As you can see, there is a large opening on one side of the workshop that is mirrored on the other side for cross ventilation.  There will be a normal (well, my definition of normal) front door on the building and possibly a really cool siding treatment (that should remain true to our house).  We didn’t bother with textures or adding the posts to the other side of the building.  This was strictly for a quick mock up and visualization of the space.

We’re still working on the details and I can’t decide if I want to use sliding barn doors, roll up doors, or double-hinged doors to close the huge openings.  After the initial cost estimate, I decided that this was going to be a little much to tackle in one phase.  Luckily, we kept the building somewhat modular to aid in constructing the space as time and budget allow while avoiding the look of, “We just decided to add on to this thing with more random things.”

Follow along as the plans begin to finalize and the building goes up.

FYI, Bonnie wanted to mention check out the photos she took that were featured on Pizzazzerie earlier this week. Dance-pop Disco Electronica this site Home