Tools and projects to come

I’ll trust that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Right? Last weekend was all about getting supplies for upcoming project.  Well, that and performing routine auto maintenance.  Fun.  There’s something about having oil on your shirt and dirt under your nails that’s tough to describe… so I won’t.

My view on a cold Sunday afternoon


Bonnie unfortunately has been working on meeting deadlines for weeks now and I’ve been running around the house and office trying to get some work done… on anything. In the background though, I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of a tool for our next series of projects.  I’m usually geeked out when I get a chance to buy a new gadget and this time it’s no different. Here’s a sneak peek of the new tool.

Truthfully, I have three of them (all different).

A Dewalt, Bosch, and CST side by side by side

With this in hand, several projects have just been greatly reduced in complexity thus making our lives and the work a little easier.  More to come later. Anyone have any ideas on what we can or will do with it?